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Car Show Logistics

posted May 29, 2017, 10:15 AM by David Dahlem

Hi Glenn:


I am hoping you can send a message to your association:


Sunday, June 4 will be the annual car show at Pike Lake Provincial Park. Access for the show cars will be different this year.  The North Gate will be open, and the  

 organizers will be vetting qualified show vehicles at the St. Martin’s Road junction, directing appropriate vehicles to the North Gate.  Cottagers with a valid permit  will be allowed to enter at this gate also.  The North Gate will be staffed by an organizer and a park employee.


All other vehicles will enter the park via the normal entry gate.  All vehicles at the gate will be required to pay. The organizers are expecting about 600 show cars.  These 600 cars will be funneled away from the entry gate, relieving the pressure at the entry gate and reducing the line-up on the highway.


The cottagers along Lakeside Drive will be receiving front row status to see the cars parade past them coming into the park.  The show cars will be expected to exit the park in the normal manner, via the entry gate.   


Although the drivers of the show cars will be instructed to observe the speed limit,  I want the cottagers to be aware that there will be high traffic flow for a few hours on Sunday morning and to take appropriate precautions with young children. 



Craig  Krogan