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posted Oct 29, 2016, 6:20 AM by David Dahlem   [ updated Oct 29, 2016, 6:23 AM ]
From Glenn Thomson, President of the Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association.

Hello everyone.
 A little Park quiz. How many of you know where in the Park this picture taken? 

Congratulations if you figured it out which is doubtful. It is the site at the compose pile which has turned into a dump site the last couple of years.
In the past two years the Park have provided a Loraas bin for the shore line clean-up day. Prior to that our volunteers would take the items we took out of lake to this area to be removed shortly after. Tires, railway ties, docks and numerous other items have been left there for three or more years. 
I think many cabin owners started to think it was alright to dump junk there. As well we know people from outside the Park were bringing stuff in.
Today Park crews moved in and cleared everything out. The site is a compose site for branches and leaves only.
We have been working with Craig our Park manager on several things to improve the Park.
They are doing their part and now it's time for us to do our part. PLEASE do not use this area as a dump. No building materials, furniture, yard toys and ornaments , simply no junk.
We may find that if it continues that other actions may occur such as fencing the area and restricting times to use it.
If you see someone from outside the Park dumping, get a license plate number, send it to and I will pass it along.
We have seen a huge improvement in our Park this summer with new management. Craig takes a lot of pride in the Park and it has passed down to the staff.
Thanks to Craig and his staff for all their hard work.
One more reason to Love Pike Lake. 
Thanks everyone for your co-operation.