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Septic Tank Safety

posted Jul 5, 2016, 3:59 AM by David Dahlem
Park Manager Craig Krogan has asked Glenn Thomson, President, Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association to forward this message to all cottage owners so they are aware of the risk associated with their septic tanks:

Recently, a small child fell into a septic tank near Maple Creek, SK.   In response, although this particular septic tank was not owned by the Ministry of Parks, our Executive Director requested all Park Managers ensure that all septic tank lids in their respective parks are solid and secure.  I believe this diligence can be extended to our cottage owners in Pike Lake Provincial Park.  No one wants to hear of a death of a grandchild or a small son or daughter who accidentally falls into an unsecure septic opening.  There would also be a large liability for the cottager who owned the unsecured septic tank.  To add to the importance of this issue, today in the park’s subdivision I noticed a two-foot, fiberglass septic tank lid that was not secured, and the drop-tube contained no grating.  I have emailed the owner of this cottage to bring to light the risk that is present on their leased property.
The park’s point of view is to have all septic lids secured (screwed down, chained, barred, etc.) so that unsuspecting children cannot remove the lid from the tank.  Many people have the larger lids permanently grated and locked with only an access hole (smaller than nine inches in diameter) for the pumper hose.
Craig Krogan
Park Manager
Pike Lake Provincial Park 
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