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Use of the Park

posted Sep 14, 2016, 11:45 AM by David Dahlem
From Glenn Thomson:
As most of you know we have people of many different cultures coming to the Park during the summer months. They get great pleasure in sharing this beautiful place with their families. From time to time you will see folk dancing taking place.
This week I had the opportunity to meet a group of teenagers who were here for a different cultural reason. While walking the dog I noticed a large group of First Nation teens walking thru the fields by the compose pile and golf course. When some stopped to ask about my dog, I asked if they were picking berries. They told me they here from Bedford Road High School and they were here picking sage.
While talking to the teacher she told me the students pick enough sage to last the year for smudging ceremonies at the school. This is a very important part of the First Nation culture and the school has a special room for this purpose. It means more when the students gather the sage themselves. It was very interesting to learn more about this.
While we talked a student came up with an armful of plastic and other garbage he found tangled in the bush. He asked where he could put this. I was very impressed with this young man's effort to respect the Park.
While we quite often take the beauty and use of the park for granted, this showed another important part of Pike Lake to other people.
Another reason to Love Pike Lake

Glenn Thomson
Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association.
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