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Water Levels

posted May 12, 2012, 8:39 AM by Unknown user
On May 7, the water level had risen to four inches above full supply level (FSL). (Compare this to 10 inches below FSL in early April!)  The water had been flowing in from the watershed south of the lake since our early spring rain. Then with the two inches of rain last weekend, the flow rate increased. Water managers Gord Hagen and Kevin Wingert with the Saskatchewan Water Authority said they had not experienced this before since we have not had any significant snow runoff.  On May 8 (approx.), they requested Park staff open the gate at the north end and there is now a healthy outflow. They expect the flow into the lake to continue for awhile and do not want to have the lake level go too high.
We should have adequate lake levels for the summer!
Max Abraham,
President, Pike Lake Park Assn.