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posted Jul 30, 2016, 8:35 AM by David Dahlem
An update on weeds in the lake.
On July 27, members of the our Board as well as members of the Harvester Board met with a number of people from various agencies, including our Park Manager. We met at the boat launch and were able to view the weeds on the lake. They are Natural Milfoil. The lady from the Ministry of the Environment took several samples of the weeds both out of the lake and off the harvester. She is going to do some testing on them, research information on them and offer us the results.
In the meantime volunteer operators on the harvester continue to work hard, spending long hours trying to keep the lake useable. In the past week alone we have taken over 30 loads out of the lake.
What your see floating on the lake is probably two to three times larger under the surface. This is tangled together and is in long strings.
I would like to caution you about swimming outside the marked areas at the beaches due to the weeds.
Harvester crews will continue to work hard, but I would ask that if you clean the weeds in front of your property not to take them to a different area of the lake and dump them. The winds will move these around. If you pull them out and let them sit for a couple of days they dry out and are easy to bag and take to the compost area. I have been told they make good compost for gardens.
Enjoy the lake but be careful.